Recaptcha for MVC


This package contain classes for apply Google Recapctcha for MVC. It is very simple and easy. More information about Google Recaptcha in

Nuget Package

install-package cco.recaptcha
Nuget Package for Recaptcha for MVC

How to Use

  1. Install Package
    install-package cco.recaptcha
  2. Include Keys in Web.config
    <add key="Recaptcha.Sitekey" value="YOUR_SITE_KEY" />
    <add key="Recaptcha.Secretkey" value="YOUR_SECRET_KEY" />
  3. Add Field in Model (optional)
    Example: public string RECAPTCHA {get; set;}
  4. Add Helper in View
    @Html.ValidateRecaptcha() or @Html.ValidateRecaptcha("RECAPTCHA") or @Html.ValidateRecaptchaFor(x => x.RECAPTCHA)
  5. Add Filter in Controller
    [ValidateRecaptcha()] or [ValidateRecaptcha("RECAPTCHA")]
  6. Verify Recaptcha
    - Javascript: grecaptcha.response
    - C# MVC: ModelState.IsValid


Developed by Cesar Oliveira.
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